At Holden Litigation
We Play To Win
At Holden Litigation
We Play To Win
At Holden Litigation
We Play To Win

A Nontraditional Litigation Firm

At Holden Litigation, our attorneys are known for their exceptional skill, energy and passion in all areas of trial litigation. While the typical defense firm may use more reactionary strategies to combat plaintiff claims, we believe in taking a more nontraditional approach, going on the offensive to combat the opposing side and meet our clients’ objectives.

Our premier legal team consists of trial lawyers from a wide range of backgrounds – from former prosecutors and public defenders to some of the most accomplished appellate counsel in the area. All of our attorneys, however, share one common trait: the drive for success in the courtroom. Visit the links below to learn more about each of our attorneys:

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Wilson White

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The attorneys at Holden Litigation are at the forefront of trial litigation in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and throughout the region. Several have held lectures and seminars across the country and in locations all over the world, showcasing their thought leadership in many areas of law. With such a robust network of resources at our disposal, we are here to help you meet your legal goals.

Well-Equipped To Handle Complex Legal Challenges

We know that every one of our clients is as unique as the legal situation they have found themselves in. That is why we begin every case with a thorough analysis so we can have a complete understanding of your goals and objectives. We are never afraid to get hands-on in a case, and have a rapid response team on call so we can begin investigation and research immediately after a serious dispute or catastrophic event occurs.

If you are involved in a high-stakes legal conflict, you require an adept litigation firm to help you resolve your case swiftly and effectively. Reach out to us online today or call our Dallas office at 214-504-3750 to learn more about how we can help you.