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5 reasons people bring nursing home lawsuits

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2023 | Nursing Home & Elder Law Litigation

Individuals and families who put their loved ones into nursing home care expect the best for them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. According to a 2003 study, survey respondents and their firms were involved in 4,677, and 8,256 nursing home litigation claims, respectively. Moreover, over half of those claims took place in Texas and Florida.

Even though the study is years old, nursing home lawsuits still occur. Below are five common types of nursing home litigation claims.

1. Negligence

Many nursing home patients get hurt — or even die — due to medical negligence. While negligence is sometimes intentional, it could be accidental in other scenarios. For instance, a nurse is so absorbed in a conversation with their fellow nurses that they don’t notice a patient crying for water or medicine.

2. Physical abuse

Common signs of physical abuse include bruises, cuts and burns. It can also include restraint and confinement, such as when a nurse ties a patient to a chair or locks them in their room for hours as “discipline.”

3. Financial abuse

Some nursing home staff members take money from patients’ purses/wallets. Others steal either via identity theft through bank statements or by snatching a valuable object and selling it online.

4. Emotional or verbal abuse

Examples of emotional and verbal abuse involve name-calling, mocking a patient’s illness or disability and giving them the silent treatment. Though some patients notify staff about these abusive acts, others do not tell anyone due to fear or lack of verbal communication ability, e.g., dementia.

5. Abandonment

Suppose a patient needs assistance feeding themselves. However, the nurse responsible for helping them runs off to clock out and go home.

Nursing homes can reduce lawsuit claims with proper staff training. They can also take swift action when staff members violate protocol. Nonetheless, some family members of nursing home residents conjure false accusations to try to make a quick buck. If you find yourself a target of a mendacious nursing home lawsuit, consider seeking legal guidance.